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Are you new to Karate ?

Here is some basic info that will help you get started!


        Definitions /Terminology every student should know!

  • Sensei                                     Karate teacher with minimum rank                                                        of Sandan  3rd Dan

  • Sempai                                    Most senior group of students in                                                            the Dojo

  • Shihan                                     Role model ( Master Instructor)

  • Senior                                      Any student or instructor with a superior dan rank to your own is to be addressed as Sensei or Sempai

  • Kohei                                       Junior rank

  • Onegaishimasu                       Please teach I help me

  • Shomen                                   Front wall of the Dojo where photographs of the Founder (if deceased) are displayed

  • Sitsureishimasu                      Please pardon me (when leaving the Dojo)

  • Kiotzke                                    Attention (Stand to …)

  • Seiza                                       Formal sitting position

  • Shugo                                      Face the front of the Dojo

  • Rei                                           Bow (greet)

  • Kiritsu                                      Get up I Stand up

  • Arigato gozaimasu                  Thank you very much


General Dojo rules and protocol



As senior karate ka, the Sensei and yudansha (black belts) must be shown respect and be called by their respective titles by all junior grades.



Aid your own progress by always cooperating with your instructor. Extend this cooperation to your fellow students by helping them generously and offering advice if you spot errors in technique or manners, while also accepting their advice and assistance in a positive manner- be careful not to be a know-it-all.


  • Listen to your instructor while he is correcting your faults.

  • Never interrupt the instructor while he is explaining

  • Never walk  in between  the  instructor  and  another  student  while  he  is  explaining  something  or talking to the other

  • Only ask as a last resort – first establish whether you are supposed to know the answer to the question and could possibly be wasting other students time.



Always be courteous and friendly towards the instructor and your fellow students.


Always sit cross-legged in the Dojo while your instructor is explaining something and you have to sit down.


This serves as a way of greeting and showing respect to the Dojo, the instructor  and the fellow students. Bow whenever moving onto or off the floor.


Classes begin and end with a short meditation in Seiza (formal seated position). The goal is to relax and clear the mind to improve reflexes and to review and absorb your training. It has no religious connotation and could be compared to sitting in a quiet spot next to the sea to revitalise your mind.

Q. What should I wear to my first class?

A. Comfortable/ work out clothes are preferred.

Shoes and all jewerlery are to be taken off before class.


Q. What should I bring with me?

A. A towel and a large bottle of water.


Q. What should I expect?

A. You will be greeted at the door by one of our Sensei/ Sempai (head or assistant) instructors and asked to grab a seat and remove your shoes and jewerlery.


Everyone will be called when class begins and we will form a straight line with the highest grade belts to the right (beginners and white belts far left). You will be talked through our formal/ traditional bow in where we 'meditate' to forget our day and prepare mentally for training.


A short warm up will follow with a mix of cardio, fitness and stretching.  Beginners are generally then taken to the side with an assistant instructor to learn Goju Karate basics, punches, blocks and kicks.


You will then be joined with the rest of the class to participate in self defence, sparring (controlled non contact fighting and other activities.


There will always be a sempai to assist and guide you through your first class to ensure you have full understanding of the class.






Always arrive on time for class. If, due to circumstances beyond your control you are late, excuse yourself as you enter the Dojo.


Always train with a clean gi and see that your nails and toenails are kept short and clean and always remove all jewellery before class.

  • Male students must not  wear shirt underneath the gi.

  • Female students wear either a plain white or black t-shirt or leotard underneath the gi.

  • All students are to tidy their hair in such a manner that it looks neat and is no threat to the member’s

  • Long hair should be tied back with an elastic or ribbon.

  • No religious or cultural jewellery is worn.


Always treat the apparatus in the Dojo with respect and replace it neatly after use.


No smoking is allowed near the Dojo at any time


Training under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs is strictly Forbidden!


4 X CLASSES  +  Karate Uniform!


Uniform valued at $60.00


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