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Are you seeking an exciting 
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Get fit & Learn Practical Self Defence

Become confident, passionate & healthier than ever! 


     BEGINNERS  TRIAL  OFFER                      Get 4 CLASSES +               FREE KARATE UNIFORM
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Gain fitness & flexibility with  like minded, determined & positive people!

Tired of schoolyard bullies? 

We teach children self confidence , self defense

& respect towards others.

Building confidence & learning  self defense

is so empowering! 

We encourage men, women & children of all ages to learn how to protect themselves and others!





        5.00-5.45pm Juniors  5-9 years on Mats

        6.30-8.00pm Juniors/Teens/Adults on Mats                                                                              Casey Hall  St Vincents School

         22 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters

      TUESDAY New Classes starting 01/02/2022

      5.00-5.45pm Juniors  5-9 years 

        6.00-7.30pm Teens/Adults

        Community Hall 1 Pimpama Sports Hub

        139 Rifle Range Road, Pimpama   



      5.30-6.30pm Beginners/Intermediate 10yrs +

       6.30-7.30pm  Advanced Teens/Adults 

      Gold Coast PCYC   180 Monaco Street, Broadbeach Waters

        (Includes Mirrors for Kata and Resistance Bands for speed/strength Training)                


       SATURDAY New Classes starting 29/01/2022

      1.00-2.30pm Teens/Adults

         New Logan PCYC  (This big room has Mirrors & Timber Floor)

         Corner Compton Road & Kingston Road,  Slacks Creek


       SATURDAY   New Classes starting 05/02/2022 Juniors  5-9 years 

         11.00-12.00 Teens/Adults

         Community Hall 1 Pimpama Sports Hub

         139 Rifle Range Road, Pimpama   



Kata Applications For Self Defense!
Kata Applications For Self Defense!

Juniors Program

Agility Drills

Kata Applications For Self Defense!

Testimonial - Craig, Jayden & Kaelem


Testimonials from our amazing students!

Took ours boys to Sensei Nick after training elsewhere. Sensei refined their technique and made them look forward to their next lesson. Sensei Nick has turned my 2 boys into National Champions in their age groups.


He always says you get out of Karate what you put in. The boys training has given them confidence, respect and they understand you need to train hard and often to get the results.

My oldest son was getting bullied at his new school. Sensei has taught him how to deal with it and given him the confidence to do so. He no longer gets bullied.


Great to see my boys smile and laugh at training, but serious when required. Wouldn't have them train with anybody else. 

- Craig (parent of students Jayden & Kaelem)